Yup. Paper voting is the gold standard for democracy.

Paper voting is anonymous, it's physically limited to one vote per person, recounts are easy, it's unhackable, you can check for counterfeit votes through forensics, the boxes can be physically sealed and stored forever in case of disputes etc.

It's the ultimate in transparency as literally anyone can watch a paper vote being counted, and we have centuries of experience on avoiding paper fraud. This is a solved problem.

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March 15.
The school strike continues.
524 places in 59 countries and counting...
Everyone is needed.
Everyone is welcome.
Find your closest strike or register your own here:
#FridaysForFuture #SchoolsStrike4Climate #ClimateStrike

I swear sometimes I feel like when I use Free / Libre Open Source Software it's like getting a hug from an entire community.

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This is in reference to AWS, but man, does it apply to a lot software and programming languages

@fool The ugly reality is that a lot of proprietary software development is just a charade so that some executive can get paid or some venture capital can exit with a locked in customer base. This is why in a lot of such development there's zero attention to security or code quality. It's why "enterprise" stuff is always a buggy unreliable mess.

This Fibonacci joke is as funny as the last two you heard combined!

For the love of God! Why doesn't a #libre #OpenSource #RMM tool exist? Maybe it does but I have trouble finding a good one on the web. Any ideas for remotely monitoring computers running #Linux? Oh yes and I need to be able to self host the thing.

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Hi! I'm new! Leftist about to finish my psychology undergrad with gender studies and communication minors (want to research social psych). I'm an on again, off again comic when I can roller are the nihilistic and destructive open mic community here. Oh! I'm in Houston. That's a thing about me. Well, evs. Reply with your favorite thing to do? #introduction

le seul questionnaire OK qui te demande ton genre

Goodbye, OpenSUSE Leap 15.0.

You were a great first full-time GNU+Linux distro, however, I'm moving to Hyperbola Milky Way, as it is more free.


After nearly a year in the making, GNUnet has finally released a new website, completely redone from the ground up. gnunet.org

Leave feedback, and comments here: freepo.st/freepost.cgi/post/kg


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