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So I want to call it out: where we are today is bullshit. As engineers, we can, and should, and will do better. We can have better tools, we can build better apps, faster, more predictable, more reliable, using fewer resources (orders of magnitude fewer!). We need to understand deeply what are we doing and why.

None of us would be loved if the requirement were perfection. None of us could receive love if it were only provided by someone else's mercy. Love is something you deserve. It's something that you are worth giving and receiving. That's the truth. Love and let yourself be loved.

You should only worry about what the law is, when you are planning a crime

My interpolation (seeking Nibbāna) of the Mettā Sutta

Whosoever seeks skill in wiseness & the good
and wants to break through to the state of peace:
May you be able, upright, and very upright
Apenable to advice and gentle, without arrogance.

[May you be] content and easily supported,
with few duties and a frugal way of living;
with peaceful faculties and prudence,
humble, without greed for possessions.

Do not pursue anything, however slight,
for which other wise people might criticise you.
(Cultivate the thought:)
May all be joyful and secure;
be inwardly joyful!

Whoever is,
faint or bold, without omission,
medium, short, subtle or blatant,
fine or gross;

seen or unseen,
dwelling afar or near,
born or yet unborn,
may all be inwardly joyful!

Let no one betray another
or undervalue anyone anywhere.
Let none by anger and enmity
wish another to suffer.

As a parent protects per child,
per only child, with per own life,
cultivate a limitless love
and cherish all beings.

And towards the whole world
develop loving-kindness,
above, below, and all around
without any obstruction,
without any hatred, without any enmity.

Standing, walking, sitting,
lying down or whenever awake,
practice this mindfulness:
this is deemed a sublime abiding here & now.

Not taken with views,
but virtuous & consummate with insight,
removing greed for sensual pleasures,
come never again to the cycles of suffering.

(0) I believe in free software wholeheartedly, and use exclusively free software in my life. I spend almost every waking hour of my life contributing to free software. Maybe I know what I'm talking about...

(1) Microsoft isn't going away and expecting to break them up is unrealistic and the ultimate exercise in yak shaving.

(2) Trying to fix the capitalist machine that made Microsoft may be a worthwhile goal but like, let's also improve Microsoft without the dependency on ending capitalism.

(3) It's okay to be motivated by profit when you contribute to open source. Commercial use is one of the four essential freedoms of free software as defined by the GNU and the OSI.

(4) Microsoft does a lot of bad things. Spying on users, patent trolling, etc. These are not excused and Microsoft should continue to receive criticism for this.

(5) Publishing, supporting, and contributing to open source is a positive behavior from Microsoft. This is commendable.

(6) Someone beyond redemtion has no incentive to redeem themselves.

(7) Therefore, leveraging (4) to dismiss (5) is not encouraging Microsoft to continue investing in (5) and ultimately serves to subvert Microsoft's willingness to continue improving in this regard.

That's the sum of my argument and I have nothing more to say about it.

Solipsistic panpsychism has long been considered taboo in contemporary philosophy. The idea of a non-controlling, self-regulating, and "ego-oriented" "mind" may have been introduced to philosophy as well, but its influence on modern philosophy was marginal. There is nothing more ancient than the notion that in nature there may be nothing beyond oneself; the idea that a universal subjectivity could be found in nature was not really explored on a scale that did not imply a lack of a certain kind of consciousness in the ordinary human animal.

This was the great irony of Hegel. He claimed to believe in the "mind"—that an inner and transcendent subject to be described later, but for the moment the key of his philosophy was Hegel's notion of self-identity—and yet, as he saw it, he had nothing more than an ego within whose consciousness, through the use of reason, he was able to achieve his self-fluidity.

"We use the best tool for the job" is about the same level of naivete as "We're a meritocracy."

This morning I think I'll read over what happens when you call alert(), confirm(), or prompt() in JavaScript. Because the next Odysseus "trait" on my list renders the UI for that, without blocking your interaction with other tabs.

Inevitably this'll probably do little more than send the message out of the sandbox for Odysseus to handle, but how does it freeze the page until it gets a response?

The first layer after translation of that call to C++ blocks the dialog from showing on unload or in sandboxed iframes. They don't show on unload because that slows down WebKit's (highly convenient) tab history optimizations, and I'll cover "do you wish to leave this page?" confirms later as they don't seem to hit this codepath.

The next layer with the "Page" defers `onload` events, notifies any spin buttons (so it can release it's grabs), and possibly rewrites "\" to "$".


Yup. Paper voting is the gold standard for democracy.

Paper voting is anonymous, it's physically limited to one vote per person, recounts are easy, it's unhackable, you can check for counterfeit votes through forensics, the boxes can be physically sealed and stored forever in case of disputes etc.

It's the ultimate in transparency as literally anyone can watch a paper vote being counted, and we have centuries of experience on avoiding paper fraud. This is a solved problem.

RT @gretathunberg
March 15.
The school strike continues.
524 places in 59 countries and counting...
Everyone is needed.
Everyone is welcome.
Find your closest strike or register your own here: 
#FridaysForFuture #SchoolsStrike4Climate #ClimateStrike

I swear sometimes I feel like when I use Free / Libre Open Source Software it's like getting a hug from an entire community.

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This is in reference to AWS, but man, does it apply to a lot software and programming languages

@fool The ugly reality is that a lot of proprietary software development is just a charade so that some executive can get paid or some venture capital can exit with a locked in customer base. This is why in a lot of such development there's zero attention to security or code quality. It's why "enterprise" stuff is always a buggy unreliable mess.

This Fibonacci joke is as funny as the last two you heard combined!

For the love of God! Why doesn't a #libre #OpenSource #RMM tool exist? Maybe it does but I have trouble finding a good one on the web. Any ideas for remotely monitoring computers running #Linux? Oh yes and I need to be able to self host the thing.

#AskFedi #AskFediverse #AskTheFediverse #InformationTechnology #IT #MSP #ManagedServices #RemoteMonitoring #RemoteManagement #SelfHosting #Technology #FLOSS #FreeSoftware

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